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In the real estate industry, agents face challenges in organizing and locating properties, leading to delays in closing deals. Additionally, a significant amount of time is spent on project follow-ups, meetings, and customer support. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain an efficient overview of the growth of both the company and individual agents.


This project originates from a design assignment in which I was tasked with creating a solution for a user management screen in a business panel or SaaS service of my choice. I decided to select a real estate agency as it provided me with access to individuals to interview and conduct a preliminary analysis in order to deeply understand the problem.

Wireframe of a desktop screen
userflow of a real state platform
userflow of a real state platform
userflow of a real state platform
Real estate User Personas


Personas: the real estate agent and the owner. Both have their own needs and frustrations, but they share a common goal: improving the sales of the real estate agency. In this project, our focus is to address and solve these challenges, working towards optimizing the process and achieving successful outcomes that benefit both parties.


The SaaS platform for the real estate sector aims to enhance the workflow of real estate brokers and companies through a Dashboard service. It provides tools and analytics to manage tasks, properties, clients, and overall business performance. With this platform, industry professionals can make informed decisions, track progress, and achieve greater efficiency and success in their operations.

UI kit


After creating a moodboard and conducting various design tests, a visual identity was chosen that utilizes a palette of vibrant and pastel colors. This choice was based on the need to differentiate the vast amount of information required for this project. The combination of vibrant yet soft colors provides a distinctive and pleasing visual appearance, effectively highlighting key elements.

Realty screenshots
Realty screenshots
Realty screenshots


The system encompasses multiple functionalities: it gathers all the properties and customer data, includes a user management section for finding colleagues and setting permissions, and offers an agenda feature to ease event tracking.

Landing page of a real etate saas platform


Regarding the next steps, if I had more time, I would have focused on conducting interviews with more individuals to gain a broader understanding of the problem and identify potential areas for improvement that may have been overlooked. Additionally, I would have designed a smart notification system for potential property matches and a task section to enhance tracking of houses and clients.